Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Day April 16 ♡

April 16 is the annual Record Store Day-  celebrated worldwide in all the local record stores with special record releases, free beer, free food, free goodies (posters, promo cds, stickers, pins, etc) depending on each local record store. Last year I was in Barcelona, so I missed it.. I went for the first time on 2009. 

Starts at 10am and finishes at night.. all day event we just went at the am. 

We went to 2 local records one located in South Beach and to Sweat Records in Downtown Miami. 

                                        Free Heineken

 we got Malfi from Friends with You for FREE ! (nice surprise!)

Pretty cool morning, but I woke up too early so I slept all afternoon! ha! :)

Hope you all had a great Saturday!!


  1. Wow! looks like a really awesome day, very jealous!! :)

  2. awesomeeeeeee I wish we did that here, thou I wouldn't have been able to go :(

  3. How cute are these pics!? I love going to the record store and picking up some vinyls :-)