Sunday, April 10, 2011

Odd Duck Bazaar

I spent my Saturday afternoon at the Odd Duck Bazaar on Davie Road full of amazing artists, visiting my crafty friends! :) I made it to the event at 12 sharp and all the goodie bags were gone!! It was so sad, I visited my friend Migdalia and guess what??? she gave me her goodie bag!!!!!!!!!!!! awwww <3 thank you thank you chica- she is really the best... anyway, I know that next time I will get there sooner than soon.. lol.. ^^ 

So, here is what I got..

From the lovely Hollie, I got a cute little pink bow! 


From Danny Brito I got stickers and a wooden pin

Anyway, I love supporting other artists and buying handmade, If I had more money I would have bought more stuff!!! I had an eye on lots of cool things.. but just the fact that I am going to those events, saying hello to fellow crafters and supporting them is good enough. The next event is on Sunday the 17th in Ft Lauderdale.. I'm not missing it! I will be there the earliest for the goodies (100 of my flyers will be in each goodie bag, so even if I was not chosen, that's good enough :) ). 


  1. this sounds WAY fun! that friend of yours is awesome for giving you her goodie bag.

  2. That sounds super fun!! Id love to go to a handmade bazaar sometime!