Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday ♡

Hello Hello! its Monday again!!!

I've been doing the usual today- except I didn't go to work so I've been doing laundry, working on some projects oh and writing to my penpals! I've got 5.. and I have been writing for an hour now my hands hurt!!! Hopefully I get some done and tomorrow I will write more. I'm very excited about the Candy Swap over at Erin's blog.!!  (btw, she is one of my penpals!!! yaay I wrote her the first letter today! ^^) Anyway! My partner is Kelsey, :) she is very cool, I will buy her some candy today! I have a B-day party also.. so its gonna be a pretty cool day today.  

My weekend was pretty cool.. specially the Odd Duck Bazaar, first time there supporting my fellow crafter friends! :) 

Today my baby got very comfortable near my car... hahah i had to turn on the engine so she will let me go! she is getting very big! ^^

I got an Etsy and US Trendy feedback.. It so awesome I had to share. :)

"Hi. Just wanted to let you know that my daughter Chelsey loved the converse bag that she got for her birthday! She uses everyday for school."

And the US Trendy sale feedback :)

"My daughter's birthday is today and she loves her purse. She really loves the pins that were in it (especially the bunny face) and has them pinned on her purse. She also thought it was amazing to have a note from the person who made it wishing her a happy birthday. Thank you!" 

These things make me very very happy, what I do, I do it with love! I didn't get photos of my big sale last month (36 bags) but the feedback was awesome too! :):) 

I will leave, but before i do.. here is a song - song of the day! 

The original version is AWESOME from the Knife.. but this one has lots of feeling.. I love it too! I was writing to my penpals listening to this song ! ;)


  1. oh - pen pals! how great!!! that sounds like fun!

  2. Im glad you have such amazing feedbacks!!