Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Announcing the Blog Bday Party!

Hey there !!! 

So.. some of you may heard.. my b-day is coming up!! It is a very special day for me... (very very.. I tend to be super happy that day) I love getting calls and messages all over the social pages! 

Anyway.. my B-day is May 5.. (cinco de mayo) here in the US they celebrate this day for a Mexican victory Battle of Puebla..  idk.. I hated it at first.. in Colombia we don't celebrate that.. so in May 5, 2008 my first bday party ever here in the US was really weird for me. Here everyone gets wasted on Mexican bars and all Mexican restaurants have big signs of parties and I feel like... HEY WAIT A MIN. its MY BDAY! :( 

I got over it though.. today I was even planning a mustache party at my house with special friends.. what do you think?! :)

I also I want to do a Guest Post Party on my Blog during the first days of may before my bday.. It doesn't have to be b-day related.. just cool stories, tutorials, recipes, fun facts, cool items, ANYTHING you want to share in my blog!  

So, I already posted some info on twitter and facebook couple of cool bloggers are interested!!! I am so happy! thank you guys! 

So if anyone else is interested, you are still welcome. 
Just send me an email:  lily.juliao(at)gmail.com 
BEFORE  May 5th and I will def post it! 
on May 6 I will post pictures and videos of my bday! 
Thank you all!


  1. Omg I wanna go to the mustache Party :( Boooooo

  2. mustache party sounds like fun!! I can't wait for mine this Sat!! <3