Monday, April 18, 2011

Indie Craft Bazaar : Spring Fling

Today I had an amazing time at the Indie Craft Bazaar! This is actually my second time - my first time was the Halloween edition in October- Dawn of the Dead  so, when I heard I wasn't chosen this time I was kinda sad, but I looked at it on the bright side.. I still could give out flyers and I could go there and shop and have fun! But Amanda contacted me last minute - booths were available- 4 foot table- cheaper price.. so I couldn't say no. :)

Migdalia had an extra 4 foot table and she lend it to me! :):) She is always great! Check out her booth today..

= My Booth =

It was also a special day, because I met 2 bloggers in person haaha! yaaay.. the beautiful Carolina went to the show and the cute and awesome See Sue Stitch was vending.. We actually got to talk and she is from Colombia .. (made me like her even more, but don't tell her haha ;))

I bought this from her..

jealous? :):)

So, the first couple of hrs were awesome, lots of people, great feedbacks, comments.. there was this girl wearing a bag she bought from me at the Kreepy Kraft Fair !!! She passed by my booth and rocked her bag.. I was sneaky enough to take a random pic.. :)

Luckily it started raining at the end of the show- the last 2 hrs of the show were slow.. and the raining got worse.. actually my tent had a #FAIL moment.. the rain was too bad that the tent sunk in and fell apart!! hahaha! thank god I was fast enough that when It started raining I started picking up and covering my merchandise. At the end of the show I was soaking wet.. but all worth it.. 

We also did a craft swap got a cool necklace from  Reinvintage Jewelry :)

Check out some vendors/friends of the show- 


  1. awesome! I love visiting craft shows.

  2. Sounds like an awesome time, despite the rain! :)

  3. Fun fun fun I love your paparazzi pic of the girl who had your bag on lol

  4. this looks like so much fun!
    i wish i could have gone!

    also, i am loving your blog. i just found it.
    newest follower:)


  5. new to your blog and loving it!

    now following :)

  6. Que viva las Colombianas! LOL . . . love all the pics that you took! It really was a great show despite the rain. Hope to see you soon again!


  7. I'm glad things worked out well for you, despite the rain! It looks like you had a great time.