Thursday, July 23, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever Leggings

My other favorite is the Strawberry Fields Forever Pattern.

These are real strawberries, and they really scent like strawberry shortcake doll! 

This and all the other patterns are available in any size, the fabric is stretch Lycra, the one its used for bathing suit, so it is real comfy and it sticks to you skin like a second skin. 

Converse Shoes with Rainbow platform

This Item is available on my Etsy Shop.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Leggings Geometric Pattern FULL

Here it is, the full version of the geometric pattern! I really love the fabric, it is so fun, and it matches with any color, really. 

I have all my fabric ready to cut to the size my clients order. I am working on custom orders for now. 

I took these photos in Miami Beach residential zone Normandy Street. 

Shoes and Top from Agaci
Panda Umbrella from Epcot Studios JAPAN.

This item is available on my Etsy Shop.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Legging Collection - Geometric Acqua

Welcome to my first Legging Collection! 

I am just starting, but I am happy I did. It took me almost a year to decide what I really wanted and make it happen! 

I had 2 day shooting with this gorgeous Puerto Rican friend, Sofia. 

I combined this colorful triangle pattern  fabric with an aqua blue shiny fabric.

I really love this fabric, I also have it full (without the acqua solid color). 

I have this item available on my Etsy Shop

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mario Bros Perler Beads

Lately I've been creating lots of Super Marios with Perler Beads from Michaels Store.It is so fun, I've had couple of sales and posted some on my etsy store, but the real reason I started making them was because I wanted my fridge to look like a scene from Super Nintendo. 


Eventually I decided I wanted to make a Stop Motion video. 

Here it is, my first video ever! haha :) I posted it @lilijuliao on instagram.