Saturday, December 31, 2011

Important Events on 2011 ♡

On April I wrote my one and only Caturday Post - Dedicated to her ♡

On May 5th was my 25th B-day! I Had a Blog Party plus a really awesome B-day with a Rainbow Cake!! :) I also went to NYC with 2 friends to see The Kills concert at Terminal 2! part1, part2, part3

On August through October I was in Barcelona! I had a Pattern Making class, and assisted to various of handmade workshops. I learned crochet techniques and improved my knitting skills. I had a great time :)

November to December In Cartagena, Colombia. It's really weird to be back home again after a year, but its actually very relaxing. It's not easy getting used to the heat up here, but as long as there's water, I shower 3 times a day on a typical warm day.

I will be back in Miami on January 23rd ! I can't wait! ;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Updates and Crafty things

It's that time of year again- when you make all plans and goals hoping to be done by the end of the year.. some were made, others fail to succeed. In any case, you at least tried, so cheers for that! ;)

I've been absent over here on my blog! So, here is to a little re-cap!
*I frecuently use my twitter and instagram (LeeLee04) 

1. My wisdom teeth are gone now, a week at home in pain! My healing process was very good though! My 4 teeth were growing very tilted and pushing my other teeth so, I had to take them off. I was not prepared for this! I went to my appointment hoping to get a little cleaning and ended up having to take them off! I was so scared, but there was no pain- it was only a little weird having to see all the operation. Few hours after, I was in pain but thank god for antibiotics and pain killers! 

Here is the x-ray.

Icecream and boyfriend company!!!! I couldn't complain! ;)

My boyfriend came from Barcelona the 14th and he got me a BIG crochet hook from Crochetismos :D

If you know me, I can't be here without doing something crafty! I started making crochet baskets with a big crochet hook and flannel fabric I had in storage.

And I proudly made Twinkie Chan's Cupcake Scarf!!! (At last!)

I went to see bambies again

A week after the operation I could start eating again..the food here is awesome! 
I am enjoying my boyfriend's company and I've been very crafty as always ;)

I hope you all had a merry x-mas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I ♡ Yarn Bombing

Here is an awesome video from Dudua Barcelona

I someday wish I could do this here in Cartagena.. ♡

Images found here

Magda Sayeg from Knitta Please ♡

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good Knits - Mary Jane slippers pattern

I discovered this awesome pattern from Good Knits and I had to try it!

My first try , I started crochetting it with a size 5 needle and regular thread and the slipper came out really big- It fitted my dad. lol 

So, I did it again with a size 3.75 needle and It came out better!! 

And I made the other one and IT WAS PERFECT! (loved it actually) even better than the second one.. practice makes perfection I guess.. But it kinda frustrate me.. I wanted to make another one exactly the same, but I ran out of thread! >.<

This is the last one I made... here it was half way done!

Overall, it was an awesome project, I want to make more !! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #39 ♡

The Comic Sans project 

awesomeness.. haha check out more here

This Galaxy Print DIY

I need to make it! ^^

I missed it :( such a lovely handmade event!

check out the video ;)

Festivalet 2011 from pineal estudio on Vimeo.

I've been making lots of things!! such a crafty December!

I am also enjoying every minute here in my house in Cartagena. I wish you all a great weekend ahead! 

D.i.Y Dream Catcher by Kinsey

I recently discovered Kinsey's Dream Catcher necklace

I fell in love immediately and off course, I wanted to make one myself!! 

Here is my result!

How I make my super awesome coffee at home

I recently discovered aereolatte thanks to my mom! 

How I make my awesome coffee? 

I just combine milk, splenda, a tablespoon of Nescafe instant coffee - heat this combination up.. and use the aereolatte to stir it .. 

This is the end result thanks to aereolatte and off course Colombian coffee! ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Grumdrop Slouchy Hat by Gleeful Things

Today, I made this free pattern :) 
I got stuck in the middle.. I am not an expert reading patterns, but I got a little help from a fb friend. 

first 4 rows

and it kept growing!

until I finished it this morning, my mom, my model 

and then me! I wanted to try it on to see how it fits, Its pretty cool.. I am making another one right now..

If you know any other pretty cool crochet hat patterns, let me know.. I will love to keep making them!