Monday, April 4, 2011

a Blog Award :):)

I just found out that Cuppy gave me this award!! yaaay my first ever! :-o
Thank youu !!

The Rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award
Share 7 random bits about yourself
Pass the award on to a few of your favourite blogs
(And don't forget to let them know!)

7 Random things about me:

1. I am very messy, I love having my own messy room full of fabrics and crafts.

2. Today my boss quit her job.. hence as her marketing assistant , I'm jobless! 

3. I don't watch T.V at ALL. I rather spend it on my computer.

4. I use flip flops a lot (specially when I'm too lazy to put on socks and shoes)

5. I get easily distracted.

6. I make lists all the time- day lists, week lists, etc! 

7. I am a very simple girl, I love casuals and random hang outs.. 


I now pass this award on to some amazingly lovely ladies:


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost your job! I hope that you'll find something better soon.
    I'm also messy, love wearing flip flops, I can be really abstract and distracted and above all I'm just a simple girl who can easily be happy with simple things! ;-)

  2. Aww thank you :) This is my first blog award. (I hope...unless I've missed one :P). Awesome :D x

  3. awwwwww <3 so cute thank you!!