Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you for participating on my giveaway last week; thank you to my sponsors that donated awesome items as well!!

Guess what?! All that participated won! Some, even won twice! yay! 

Melissa won 

Putdar won

woo! Thats it! Congrats everyone! Thank you again, I will email you shortly!

Put it into Music week #4: CAFFEINE

Caffeine was supposed to be last week's word and I had my blog post ready and all.. but I saw Zayda's post. today .. and guess what happened?! WE CHOSE THE SAME SONG. hahaahaha we are def connected! :) So, I thought of another song for this game.. 

Lagwagon: Coffee and Cigarettes  

Lagwagon reminds me of high school and ex boyfriends! hahaha

P.S. I loved better the other song I chose for this.. but oh well!!!.. >.<

Madrid 2010

Our First Stop was Madrid

A 10 hr flight.. oh man. >.<

Madrid International Airport : The Robots- so cute!! ^^

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My trips to Europe 2010

Last year I went to Europe TWICE! How cool is that? haha 

My first trip was to visit my boyfriend in Barcelona, Spain. I did a guest post over at Erin's blog (I will share it when she posts it). It was for a month an a half and It was awesome. When I came back, my parents were planning a trip to go to Europe for my brother's graduation. They weren't planning to take me with them because I just had a trip over there and because they wanted me to start working and settle down. Sort of last minute, I was invited, my parents changed their mind and hearts and took me with them. It was awesome, I have good memories and got to see my bf 1 more week! 

During my few weeks in Europe with my family, I took tons of pictures of graffiti drawings and stuff I liked and I will be showing them by city. We went to Madrid, Barcelona,  Sevilla, Florence, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Naples and Paris. My family went to London while I went to visit my bf in Barcelona. I couldn't go to London because of my visa, my family had all the visa papers for UK and it was more money and more time wasted on mine, so I missed out London, but.. who cared? I was gonna see my bf again! 

Me & My Family 


Anyway, I wanted to share my photos and adventures because guess what? I'm going again to Barcelona in less than a month! I am already packing and organizing stuff in my house, getting everything ready to move for 3 whole months. wow. 

So, my posts will be coming shortly!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Movies worth watching ...

Wicker Park: Story about a love triangle, a pretty in love girl watched her love fall for her best friend, so she is trying to keep them apart. It is an intense love story, and the movie gives you clues that at the end you figure everything out. Loved it. 

Malena: Monica Bellucci is perfection. wow.  All men are in love with Malena and women are jealous of her. A story of her life and how a 13 year old boy falls for her and he follows her around, and is the only one in town that respects her and loves her truly, but she will never know. An Italian movie. 

Sid & Nancy: The story of Sid Vicious, Sex Pistols bass player and Nancy where they fall in love and the life they live killed each other. Sid stabs Nancy and Sid dies of Heroin overdose few months later. 

I wanted to watch the movie because I know I've heard in places referring to Sid & Nancy's love story and I didn't know their story and yesterday, browsing on Netflix, I saw it and I had to watch.. 

P.S: Nancy was so annoying.. yelling all the time.. that's what I saw in the movie.. haha I would have stabbed her too... lol


P.S 2: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't watch this movie 

Yesterday I was watching Netflix while I was sewing - I don't know HOW i managed to watch this film entirely.. I think was because I wanted to know what the ending was gonna be.. and it was NOT worth watching. Argh. so mad , I wasted 2 hours of my life. I'm just warning you- for your own good. :)