Thursday, March 31, 2011

Say hello to APRIL ♡

March was way too long for me.. somewhat never ending month! Thank god its over.. All I did was work work work and after work I worked some more! 

April comes with cool stuff and events I cannot miss! 

Downtown Open Market: Boca Raton April 3rd♡

This is a new event from the same people that bring us to Florida- Stitch Rock, Art Rock, Retro Indie Market etc.. I was chosen both days - April and May , but its too expensive for me right now to pay  right away ($150) so I decided only one and I will be there on April 3rd vending my accessories. 

Record Store Day ♡

I love going to Sweat Records in Downtown, Miami.. and this day : Record Store day April 16 I have to go!! free beer, free music and lots of goodies! :)

The Kills in NYC

April 28- May 1st - I'm going to NYC with 3 friends for a weekend! Its gonna be so much fun! fun fun fun! haha! The concert is Friday the 29th - i'm going to die of happiness.. :)

Indie Bazaar and Odd Duck♡

I applied to both, but wasn't chosen- too many vendors and difficult decisions !! I guess it is better this way, I get to go, shop, have fun and relax a couple of hrs.. I love doing craft shows, but they are very very tiring! April looks great - i'm very excited!

As far as sponsorship goes, I will lay back this couple of months.. however, if you want to, I will add you on my blog list (no charge) just as long as you add me on your list too! It's been 2 months for exposure of my blog in various of awesome blogs and my list has grown a lot since.. and I hope it keeps growing ;) so, if you want, email me : lily.juliao (at) and I will add your button on my list! :)

so.. APRIL.. Here I go!!!


Lee Lee

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday on Tuesday♡

It's Tuesday, and this was supposed to be Monday's Post.. 

I'm very busy - working and then going home sewing! omg. I have a craft fair on Sunday.. very exciting one! there has been press release and everything- included my checker bag photo.. really cool stuff

check here and here.


Over the Weekend...

I sew lots and lots of new bags... as you can see, in March I sold all my stock I had of bags (exciting but kinda scary) doing all this all by myself with a full time job! haha! I needed a beer afterwards.. 

Pockets and Labels for 27 new bags!

My favorite beer: Heinken at TGI Fridays.. and Patacon con Carne Desmechada at a Venezuelan Restaurant.. YUMMY 

On Saturday, Kaelah Bee posted her medium sponsors for March- loved how they all looked, I started following them all :) and here is mine: 

Me- Random pic, I love this outfit.. I bought it at H&M in NY 2 years ago.. it's so bright and cheerful. 

Hope your days are great! I can't wait for March to END - April will be awesome! I can feel it now!

Friday, March 25, 2011

In the Mail this Week!

This week I sent out 5 special packages including 2 giveaway winners from here and here.

Sent out 1 special package to @zaydabarros I wanted her to see my new pins and business cards!

And also to awesome blogger : @elousions - same thing, she was asking about moo's stuff and I was so happy to share my cute pins and cards that I sent her some.. check out this post by her  from the stuff I sent her! it made me happy!

And lastly, I sent out a bag to my Craft Swap partner- @teodoraa26 :)

I also received some packages!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so exciting! 

I got my pay it forward from Kim from Skates and Stiches- so so adorable! a apple needle holder and a ladybug scissor holder!!! 

My Craft Swap partner Lindsay got me this cute pillow to microwave/refrigerate the inside :)

And my friend @Aglaonike sent me from Colombia some awesome denim fabric and this bag and Pucca keychain from Panama! :) :) :)

All items arrived the same day you have no idea how happy i was!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE Snail Mail.. 

Friday I'm in Love #10

1. Cats ♡

I wish I had my own place! I would live surrounded by cats! I love them, I think cats are amazing creatures plus they are beautiful! :) I also want to help cats -shelters, etc. I love my baby right now! she lives in my building.. outside.. I hate to see her outside but I can't take her home :( 

2. Music Hairstyles ♡

Bob Dylan: I Want You

Simon and Garfunkel Mrs.Robinson

The Beatles: Rocky Racoon

The Ramones: I Wanna Live

Nirvana: Smell Like Teen Spirit

MGMT: Kids

3. The Photojojo Book 

I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day and saw it physically by browsing on the craft book section! I didn't know they had a book! Its so awesome! I want it!!!! Great tutorials, ideas and photos! :)

4. The Oatmeal Comics ♡

This comic humor is genius! I crack up every time I read it! so awesome! check the website out!

5. Pretty Nails ♡

I've seen more and more posts of cool/pretty nails and mine are so so horrible! haha I'm trying to stop eating them .. its hard! :( I have to make a promise to stop it!

here are some pretty nails : links1/links2/links3

Happy Weekend!



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Patrol Music Wednesday

I've been listening to Snow Patrol lately, since one of my friends lend me 3 cds- Eyes Open, Final Straw and a Hundred Million Suns..

Favorite Album: Eyes Open

Favorite Songs:



Shut your Eyes ♡

Set the Fire on the Third Bar 

You're all I Have 

Hands Open 

Chasing Cars 

Enjoy !


Lee Lee

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feature Designer: Sebastian Murra

Today, I'm introducing a talented Artist- Sebastian Murra. He is one of my best friends and I want my blog friends to see his work! :) He is from the same place i'm from- Cartagena, Colombia. He studied Graphic Design in Colombia and did a Masters Degree on Motion Graphics in Barcelona, Spain- currently working in the field at TMT Factory in Barcelona. 
From videos to art pieces - showed around Barcelona Airport, Galleries, and even, blogs and magazines had him featured! I'm really proud of him, what he does and what he is doing in his career. 

His Reel

mu! Reel from mu! on Vimeo.

His Art using Adobe Illustrator

My favorite Project he's done with his co-workers at TMT Factory

If you want to see more check his website 


Lee Lee

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fabric Box

The other day on a craft show and I noticed that I needed something, like a box to put in my new pins.. so I decided to make this today and I discovered it super easy and fun plus- it keeps your messy crafts organized! You can do it any size, I chose to do it 9x11.

Step 1: Cut the felt, cotton fabric and the denim fabric (9x11) or any size.. Step 2:  Iron the Interfacing on the Cotton Fabric only. Step 3: Mark the corners 1 1/2" make the square and cut it (on each 3 pieces) I added pins on each side.

Step 4: Organize the pieces and sew the 4 sides. I used the zig zag stitch.

Step 5: Then sew each borders together. 


Et Voila!


I made a couple more without the denim fabric and adding just cotton with fusible interfacing and felt! they came out awesome- also instead of cutting 1 1/2 - cut 2" and try them! really cool stuff! You can randomly choose the sizes of everything depending on what are you putting inside of them! :)

You can fix all your crafty mess in a cute/easy to make little box!

Hope you try them!

Monday, Monday, Monday ♡

Monday again! Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend!


Over the weekend I....

Had an event- Launch Arte on Saturday morning at the Design Destrict- Miami,FL

On Sunday I did a tutorial for Kelsey from Artichoke Designs and I got so into it that I made extra! (you'll see what I'm talking about when she publishes it! ;)

Sunday Morning songs- :)

No Doubt


Went to the park close by my place to rollerblade! really relaxing! although I almost crash into a lady rollerblading too! haha so embarrassing- I didn't know which way to go (left or right) hahaha

And look at my baby ! I love her so much! really.. :)

I've been finding heart-shaped leaves and I've been saving them too! :D

Happy Week!


Lee Lee

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #9
I ordered Mini Stickers and Mini business cards on this site! so so awesome! really :)

Sugar Free Candy♡

I love chocolate, but lately I was eating too much and my body couldn't handle it anymore! :s.. I started lowering the amount, and discovered this sugar free candy to eat when I needed chocolate! Its really good and helps me get through my addiction to chocolate!

Artists Helping Japan♡

I bought the Gryphony Japan T-shirt, all the money was donated to the Red Cross they raised over $2,000 USD. 

more ways to help japan here and here

I Loved this post from The Dainty Squid ♡ I would love to try the "photo an hour" post someday soon! ^^


Ok, I discovered the Yudu screen printer in the blogger world!! I really would love to buy it, it looks so fun, plus everyone say its very easy to use! I need it! 

P.S.. I know its Saturday and I'm posting this but on Friday I was really tired and after work I just went to bed! Many bloggers were supporting Japan by not posting anything, so I didn't bother to finish this post.. :) Hope you have a great sunday! 


Lee Lee