Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've been FEATURED :)

Today my friend Zayda from Falling in Light has wrote a post about our friendship and the stuff  I love to create! This post has brighten my day so much you have no idea!!! WONDERFUL surprise! :)

Check out the owl headband I sent her... doesn't she look cute????????? ^^

Check out the post HERE

This FRIDAY make sure to check out this month's first giveaway here on my blog with my partner @elousions !  It comes with a tutorial too!! SO AWESOME you can't miss it! :) It will only be a week, so I hope many bloggers/non bloggers out there can participate! It will be global! stay tuned my friends! 


  1. Aww... makes me happy that it made you happy :)
    I love u and all your stuff :D!

  2. I love that headband! So super cute! I love the Owl! =)