Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Re-cap!

Over the weekend I...

Took care of my baby!!! 
For those that don't know, she's not mine, I found her in my building and since then I've been feeding her.. last week she let me pet her! and now, I love her so much!!! :)

work work work on my order!!! 36 Mini Converse Bags

I even had helpers come..

umm.. there's no break at the sweatshop!!!! lol

Pocket, labels and adjusters!

Until Sunday at 4pm.. THEY WERE READY!!
12-Red, 12 Blue and 12 Purple!

Labels, tags, Sponsored by my cool designer friend DJSoundwav

Had to separate them in 2 boxes !! :) 
They will be shipped tomorrow at 8am!

Something cool happened too.. I got my first Etsy sale! a Purple Converse Bag 
Here it is ready for shipment tomorrow too!!! :)

And that was my weekend, really busy working, but very worth it all now that I'm done! :)

xoxo ,


Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #6

1. Photography Finds♡

2. Mürfila's new video: Azul y Gris (Barcelona,Spain)♡

3. Ra Ra Riot♡


Can you Tell

4. Bunny Organizer♡

5. Feathered Jewelry♡

Have a great weekend!!! 



Daily Photos week #1

Today My Em&Sprout Panda Shoes arrived! so cute! :)

My Mini Converse Bags all cut! 

Re-using the 6pack beer bottle holder for craft stuff! 

Mini - Break time with my friends at Yogurtland :)

Delicious Yogurt 

Coming home from work and visiting my little baby!

Going to Joann Fabrics to buy supplies and seeing this wonderful/cutest/amazing reusable totebag! 
Fell in love immediately! <3

My Baby again! :)



No One Sleeps when I'm Awake!

Yes. no one sleeps when I'm awake!! Its 12:40 and I have to work at 8:30 am! I've been sewing Mini Converse bags like crazy! At least everything is already cut! The deadline for this project is Saturday. yes. THIS Saturday.. I gotta send it to Chicago, where the order was made via email!! 

Total number of bags: 36!  Yes! first big project!!! first big accomplishment! hahaha :) It's gonna be all worth it next week!! I got an email on Valentine's Day.. for an order for 30 bags 3 colors... and got 3 sales right away so they could see if they made the order for 30 or not.. and they finally did! not for 30 but for 36! xD

Here are some pictures I've been taking of the process

This one was yesterday, with everything cut and almost done! phew! 

Thank you all for participating in my giveaway with Alexis from What the Craft ! It was pretty awesome, my first giveaway with 52 comments! YEAH! *.*  

Congratulations to the lucky winner Catlyn Lawson @

Also, something cool happened, If you enter the giveaway link above, you can see that I got an interview with 
Alexis about my bags and things - you can see that I mentioned SeeSueStitch! Well, she randomly saw it and
did a blog-post for me! awww :) I found it because I follow her blog, and it was pretty cool! haha 

I've got a second giveaway with Lindsay from LDC Designs she did a cool blog makeover!! loved it! Anyway,
be sure to check it out! I will be shipping both converse bags next month when i'm finished with the project. 

Good luck everyone! and thank you for participating! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Giveaway

Heads up!! Head over to LDC Designs for a chance to win a Mini Converse Bag!

So far we've got 19 comments! yay!

It's been almost a month sponsoring for Lindsay, and finally today was my chance for the giveaway! 
Check her blog out, it's very cool - many diy projects and fun stuff!

Good Luck everyone!


LeeLee Project

I love !! I've been thinking about few projects to post -like when I do the "things i love fridays" I post things I love that I see during the week - a video, an etsy item, x random thing I love.. I was thinking maybe post things i love that I see during my daily life-routine, or maybe pick a favorite day and post hourly photos of cool things i'm doing- in another words more in touch with reality. 

This concept its not new, I love the 52 weeks of Instax by  Kaylah but the thing is that I don't own an Instax camera!! i really really wish! someday i will!!) So for that I'm going to create fun random posts by

I love taking pictures, and its even more fun with the App! 

My username is LeeLee04 if you want to add me :)

So if I have time, I start today! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday ♡

Over the weekend I...

Had my first Feb Event on The bubble in Ft Lauderdale - had a great time! look here to see what I did

Went to a picnic with some friends on Sunday..

I love how this panoramic pic came out!!

Me and my friend Bea.. I Love her so much! :):)

The picnic  was for my friend Rodrigo, he is leaving to L.A in 2 days.. I wish him the best!!! I will visit you little friend!!!!!



Thrift Store Finding Monday

On my lunch break I went to the Red White and Blue Thrift Store located near my job in Hialeah, Fl.. I found couple of cool stuff which I couldn't buy because the line was huge and my break was almost ending!! But def I will go back when I get a chance..

So my findings were:

I fell in love with this machine!! Only 30 dollars.. but does it work?!? I dont want to buy this if it doesn't!

Im heading over there tomorrow with more time and getting some cool stuff! :)

On the other hand, this morning my little cat- friend started loving me!!! I'm so happy! 

This morning I was late for work, she wouldn't let me go!!! so cuteeee! Im in love!

Here is a video from this afternoon..

Oh I hope you had an awesome weekend!!!



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Summer Of Love

My event yesterday was a success! At the Bubble in Ft. Lauderdale - I loved the vibe, the people, the live bands, all my friends came.. it was awesome! I bought a hula hoop from Hoop Rage - custom made - while sitting there at the event and a fanny wannie from Get-Gagged (the zebra print one) :) So much love and peace at one show it was amazing! Thank you everyone that came! 

Some local press for the show..