Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Halloween Special : 2005-2009

Halloween is a special holiday for meeee!
I love to dress up, but well, who doesn't?!

In 2005 I was Samara Morgan from the movie: The Ring. I made this dress the year before.

The Sounds

I <3 this band!!!! Maja is awesomeee! I saw her live 3 times now? hahaha xD. Favorite songs: Rock and Roll Living in America Tony the Beat Seven days a week ok.. all of them.. this list can keep going on .. :) This is a picture with her, at our first concert @ Ft Lauderdale

Happy Valentine's Day!

My friend Kiki and I were at the LOVE IS MAGIC show from "Friends with you" store ( located at the Design District in Miami,FL. We got free cupcakes, free beer and live music from Afrobeta ( awesomeeeness! :)