Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I ♡ Handmade

My favorite thing about Barcelona is all the unique handmade things you find all over.. all the little corners of handmade stores I run into and dieeeee of happiness when I'm inside! so pretty!! Another thing I love is that here I can find handmade workshops everywhere- amigurumi, knitting, embroidery, punch needle, stamp carving- you name it, they have it! ^^

On the weekend I discovered a cute little store on facebook.. so my bf and I went yesterday: I Love Kutchi store.. and OHH man.. it was lovely ♡ It inspired me a lot and I went home a very happy girl with a unicorn pin and a some lovely hair pins! :)


plus I get home during my blog-time and see these very very cute tutorials that I would def try..♡

1. Wire Hanger Makeover by My Girl Thursday

2. Make your own Camera Strap by Meghan in Miss Indie blog

3. Strawberry Nails by The Dainty Squid

4. How to paint Hearts on Nails by The Pony Cats

5. Stamp Carving Tutorials by Ishtar Olivera

get inspired! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Week in IPhone Photos ♡

We went to see Millencolin on Thursday at a club called Apolo! It was a great show!!! They played all my favorite cd.. Pennybridge Pioneers! 

Completed my 1st embroidery "Enjoy the little things" :)

Wore my pink tights - finally the weather is changing!! ^^

a little peek into my patternmaking and sewing class ..

Yesterday, a heart appeared on my Hookah's Coal.. it was AWESOME. :) she knows I am obsessed with hearts.. ^^

btw, I've been smoking Strawberry flavored and I love it! how come I've never tried it before?!!?!? 

I had an Oreo cupcake!! loved it.. specially I loved the plate where it was served. ♡

a new Polaroid to my collection - with the rainbow logo ♡ 

Sponsor Love ♡

My name is Gabriella! I'm 20, a history major, in her sophomore year. I dabble in all crafts, but actually stay afloat in needle crafts. In my shop I sell everything from extra supplies, to my creations, Which include everything from scarves, to hair bobbins! I plan on taking as many driving lessons as possible so I can get my license before school starts for me in January. I write about everything from music, to my latest fail/success, to my latest makeup tutorial. A Jackstress of all trades I write about whats important to me. My lifetime goal would be to get my phd in Ancient Civilizations and become head curator for the Smithsonian or the Cairo Museum of ancient history. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Giveaway Alert!! ;)

Hey people!! 

I have a new giveaway on Manzanita's blog!! 

A pretty cool CMYK chevron friendship bracelet for one lucky winner ;) 

plus, you get to win more awesome handmade stuff... 

So go ahead and follow the talented Manzanita for this unique chance! 

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #36 ♡

1. Cute little Monsters ♡


2. This Skirt ♡


3. Amigurumi ♡

I am still learning how to make these little cute crocheted animal friends :)



4. Embroidery ♡

I've been working on embroidery patterns from wildolive ;) super cute!

check these ones out too! 


5. Tights ♡

I can't wait to start putting my tights here in Barcelona! The weather is getting nice.. :):)

Miami-based company of tights!!! I have pink and yellow and red!! I want more color tights :) 

oh and yes. I miss Miami ♡

Have an awesome weekend!! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I ♡ Pixel Art

I really do love 8bit or Pixel stuff.. I love old video games like Mario Bros and I love how I can make hama beads patterns and cross stitch patterns with these characters! :)