Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say hello to MAY ♡

May is my favorite month of the year.. :) it makes me very happy. On this special month,  I have a little new SPONSOR section on my blog where next month I will be taking free sponsorship on my blog! With introduction posts, guest posts, tutorial posts, inspirational posts and a month's giveaway! If anyone is interested, email me for details.. If I get people interested for sponsorships I will start doing it for the month of JUNE :) (Hope so!) 

So, here is my new blog button.. pretty cool huh? ;) 

I am sponsoring some cute blogs this month.. My Girl Thursday, Artichoke Designs, Windshield Diaries, Punk Projects, Pixie Mama and The Perfect Pear

Also stay tuned for MY BDAY BLOG PARTY 

There will be AWESOME Guest Posts from the 1st of May until 4th! (depending how many guest bloggers there are..) I can run it through the 5th (my b-day) ! 

On the 7th, I will be visiting Art Rock on West Palm Beach! 

On the 13 : Uh Huh Her Concert at Culture Room

On the 15th, I will visit the Downtown Open Market ! 

Also on the 15th is Greynolds Park - LOVE IN HIPPIE FEST

*I will take a moment today for a very special SHOUT OUT to Miss Lou from Elousion's blog ITS HER B-DAY TODAY and I wish her a very happy b-day and hope that she had an awesome weekend relaxing on the beach! :)

So anyway, May will be awesome. I can't wait for it to start! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #15 ♡

Iotacons by Andy Rash ♡

Pretty rad pixel drawings - made me wanna do some cross stitch or melty bead projects!! check them out- here are some i loved..

The Flintstones
Scooby Doo
The Breakfast Club

The Beatles

Dog Tags ♡

I made mine on Friday at the mall for $5.. I think I want another one. haha

 It says.. 

Lee Lee Jara


Picnics ♡

This Creative Process ♡
totally ME. I know many of you can relate! haha

This Jacket ♡

This Snow White 

I want to be that snow white! someone wants to take me one as cool as this? ;) 

*While you are reading this, I will be in NYC having a blast... THE KILLS concert is tonight! woot woot! 

Have an awesome weekend!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Nails ♡

*Awesome nails huh???? My nails are so much better!! I think 2 weeks has passed by since I stopped bitting them! woot woot! 

My goal is to use this nail sticker art from Sally Hansen (that I have already bought) on my bday:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Music Wednesday : GIRL POWER

Incredible voices and awesome ladies! I ♡ them!

Karin Dreijer Andersson ♡

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

Lykke Li : Little Bit

Lykke Li : I'm Good I'm Gone

The Kills: Tape Song

The Kills: Last Day of Magic

The Knife: Heartbeats

* This Thursday I will be leaving Miami with 2 friends -we are going to NYC !!!!! We are going to see The Kills live in concert! OMFG . ♡

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Announcing the Blog Bday Party!

Hey there !!! 

So.. some of you may heard.. my b-day is coming up!! It is a very special day for me... (very very.. I tend to be super happy that day) I love getting calls and messages all over the social pages! 

Anyway.. my B-day is May 5.. (cinco de mayo) here in the US they celebrate this day for a Mexican victory Battle of Puebla..  idk.. I hated it at first.. in Colombia we don't celebrate that.. so in May 5, 2008 my first bday party ever here in the US was really weird for me. Here everyone gets wasted on Mexican bars and all Mexican restaurants have big signs of parties and I feel like... HEY WAIT A MIN. its MY BDAY! :( 

I got over it though.. today I was even planning a mustache party at my house with special friends.. what do you think?! :)

I also I want to do a Guest Post Party on my Blog during the first days of may before my bday.. It doesn't have to be b-day related.. just cool stories, tutorials, recipes, fun facts, cool items, ANYTHING you want to share in my blog!  

So, I already posted some info on twitter and facebook couple of cool bloggers are interested!!! I am so happy! thank you guys! 

So if anyone else is interested, you are still welcome. 
Just send me an email:  lily.juliao(at) 
BEFORE  May 5th and I will def post it! 
on May 6 I will post pictures and videos of my bday! 
Thank you all!

My Movie Collection

I started my movie collection almost 5 years ago.

I have a total of 56 movies!

All my movies are bought  at cheap prices.. walmart- movie stop- blockbuster- no movie has ever passed $10 bucks and the min is $2 bucks!

so.. here they are:

1. August Rush 2. Funny People 3. Confessions of a Drama Queen 4. Riding in cars with boys 5. The Wedding Singer

6. Grease Special Edition with jacket movie cover! ^^

7. The Truth about Cats & Dogs 8. Accepted 9. Elizabeth Town 10. The Sweetest Thing 11. A lot like Love

12. Reality Bites 13. Factory Girl 14. Girl, Interrupted 15. 13 Going on 30 16. Knocked Up

17. Across the Universe 18. Bridget Jones Diary 1 19. Superbad 20. Wolf Creek 21. Hard Candy

22. Sex and the City 1 23. Snatch 24. Requiem for a Dream 25. 30 Days of Night 26. Seven

27. Road Trip/Euro Trip 28. Clueless 29. Scary Movie 4 30. Disturbia 31. 10 Things I hate About you

32. Dazed and Confused 33. Pretty in Pink 34. American Beauty/Virgin Suicides 35. Footloose 36. Dawn of the Dead

37. Children of Men 38. Death Proof 39. Fight Club 40.Airplane 41. The Doors

42. Unfaithful 43. The Cat in the Hat 44. Spun 45. 50 first Dates 46. The Sisterhood Traveling pants

47. Down with Love 48. Not Another Teenage Movie 49. Marie Antoinette 50. No Vacancy 51. South Park the Movie 

52. Almost Famous 53. Flashdance 54. Mannequin 1&2 55. House of 1000 Corpses 56. Halloween 1

 All the movies piled up almost come up to my waist! yikes! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Dear Readers,

First off..I want to thank you for your wonderful comments from my Caturday post.. <3

Some of you know, Ms Lou and I are doing 2 weeks of tutorials and giveaways since last week.. Basically it started with her post on my blog - a Polaroid Frame tutorial and then my post on her blog - an Agenda with Cereal box cover..

So.. our first winner goes out to.. (watch this awesome video made by Lou)


Thank you all for participating..

and don't forget.. you still have a chance to win my part of the giveaway.. ends April 29th!

Caturday ♡

This will be the only Caturday edition I will ever write.

This post is dedicated to the cat that passed away on April 20th 2011, my baby. 

She lived outside my building, she had many wonderful people that loved her very much - feeding her always and making sure she was ok. On Thursday I came home from work, as usual, and found her dead - run down by a car - outside my building. I still cry over her, I'm crying as I write.. she was the cat I loved and cared for.. and to see her like I saw her all dead on the road, it just broke my heart and I've not been the same since then. 

I want to THANK HER for making me happy these past months.. I found her on Feb. this year.. she didn't let anyone touched her at first.. the moment that she let me pet her was the best day ever.. since then I fed her, loved her and stayed with her everyday.. I had a reason to go to work in the morning.. to see her and feel her love - she always followed me where ever I went ♡ 

I miss her and I will love her. ALWAYS. 
R.I.P my little baby. :( I know she is in a better place now..