Friday, September 17, 2010

Apt 12 Studio Photoshoot

The photoshoot with broadcasting live tonight was a hit! The live broadcast lasted 2 hours!

It was a shoot for Apt 12 Studio ( three of my friends: Edwin Hernandez, Guillermo Piloto and Juan Carlos also knowned as John Charles - each one with their amazing talents- illustration, graphic design and multimedia are working together to create their own studio and their own clients. 

Miami Horror

Miami Horror is an eletro-pop Australian band. They were at LIV in Miami Beach Sept 15.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lately and New Projects

Im working right now on making 16 converse bags big and 16 mini bags!!
I have made mini deadlines so I could finish faster.

When I finish those converse bags, I want a shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also doing freelance with a business -fashion woman, she wants to make a beach/yoga bag. Im designing it, let's see how it goes :)

Since TODAY I'm gonna stop drinking coke :'( But it is done. finito.

I have no car, I crashed it a week ago.. Its really hard not having a car here specially where I live.. but hey, the bright side is that I have lots of things to do!! and wonderfull friends that come by and visit me or take me around! yeii

That's it ! Im gonna keep doing my work at home while watching some netflix movie



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Afrobeta - Tony Smurphio's Bday

This is Tony:

On Friday, August 27 Afrobeta's band member - Tony Smurphio had the best bday ever! A concert in downtown Miami - free entry before 12pm ! The band gave out animal masks for the crowd to wear!

Picnic Day

Miami's weather is very tricky.. one moment it can rain like if there's no tomorrow.. and all of a sudden it stops and everything is bright with a big beautiful rainbow in the sky. So when planning picnics and stuff out doors - you gotta be careful!

Last week My friends and I decided to make a picnic! It was very challenging because we started out in Publix and 3 hours later we were at the Park. We took so long deciding that we were almost going to cancel.. lol.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

Yesterday was Fashion's Night Out day!!! Really fancy event! I went to the Miami Design District walked around with my friend Bea Lola. We got goodies from Friends with you ( and got free Grey Goose Vodka with cramberry drinks! yeii!
p.s.. Miami's heat is so unbearable! :/

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mäbu - Hallo

Spotify es como lo mejor que se han podido inventar! Sin necesidad de bajar música, ahí la tienes, puedes hacer playlists, compartir playlists con tus amigos etc. Lastimosamente solo sirve en Europa.

Aqui podran ver mas acerca del programa:

Gracias a la publicidad azarosa de este programa, descubrí una de las mejores canciones que he oído últimamente..

Ahi va..

Mäbu - Hallo



2 Days in Venezia, Italia

August 8 & 9 2010

Graffiti Art, Inspirations, Me and my Family :)

Juliette Lewis ♡

This is my favorite Juliette Lewis song!

She is the most awesomeness woman in the world! I love her attitude and her stage performance is great! I went to her last show in Miami - @Bardot - I was SO close that she sang to me close to my face.. lol

When Spain won the WorldCup ♡

South Beach- Miami, Florida @ Española Way- July 11, 2010

Just Because Featured in...

The US Trendy Store Featured 2 of my Bags at the 50 items for $50 dollars or less

Visit my US trendy Store :


Featured the Converse Bag in this wonderful collection of Items called "Easy in Colors"

Converse Bags



Tegan and Sara


Today I woke up with Tegan and Sara on my mind!

They are awesome, great voices, lyrics, melodies!!
I saw them live recently @Bayfront Miami,fl :)