Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo an Hour : Monday in Cartagena

It's been 4 days in my house and I am so happy to be here! 

my house view on this rainy day!! It's been raining since yesterday night :/ 

First Home-cooked meal :)
getting my nails done :)
A knitting kind of Day :)

 The Front of my house "Juliao"

still raining and still knitting!


walking through Downtown Cartagena 

chilling with a friend - catching up in our lives! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #38 ♡

Like Crazy Movie

best love story ever. About distant relationships. love everything about it. pretty sad though... :/ 

This Lovely Owl ♡

I almost DIED when I saw this.. really. I neeeeed one for myself. how cute is that?!

This hat tutorial is here
I really need to try it!!!!! :D

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

December is ALMOST here/ Calling for Sponsors!

I'm so busy lately with work and freelance!! I am leaving to Colombia THIS Saturday and I am really stressed out! I have soooo much things to do- I need to finish my freelance job (Design Flats), get some magazine pages done, PACK for 2 whole months and leave my merchandise for the event I will be missing out on the 17th of December!! (I'm so sad) It will be the first time that I can't assist to a place I will be vending :( It will be an awesome show and I am going to MISS IT 

 "We have gathered exclusive Designers from USA and Latin America, most of the Vendors showing are very eclusive and they are showing for the first time in the USA .....We will have Fashion Shows , Free Seminars and a Student Competition from The Famous School Miami International University of Art & Design!!!! Get your ticket today at or call us 786.370.7909 if you would like to get your ticket in person!!!!" 

I am really going to miss Miami again, but I know that when I am home I am happy! I have a beautiful house in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia that I really miss, It's been a year since I'm home so, Its going to be awesome when I'm there.

I have lots of things planned for December!! I will be sewing,crafting and making new things with lots of free time over there. I am def. taking my sewing machine and my serger machine ( I can't live without them). 

I have been contacting other blogs for sponsor in December- I am offering AD TRADES my button size is 185x100! Email me if you are interested It will be awesome to have new faces on my blog. 

With that said, I leave you with this awesome song ;)

and back to work !

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Photoshoot- Miss Mundo Latina!!

Today I got up really early and went to work to help out in the photoshoot for Miss Mundo Latina US 2011Chrisally Espinal (Rep├║blica Dominicana)  for our Magazine; Moda Fashion Magazine - Dec issue. 

I took some backstage photos ; she is beautiful and very sweet :)

Knitting & Crochet Projects so far.. ♡ pt 2

I love cowls!!! They are shorter and faster to make, plus they look awesome. 

This one was my first try to do the single crochet stitch! I did a tutorial on how to make a cozy iphone case with the same yarn and then I started making this :)

This one is the same Single Crochet stitch but with a hook size 12mm and 3 different types of thin yarns.. The actual piece looks awesome, very thick and cozy plus it took me 2 hours - with the big crochet hook is faster!

This knitted cowl was made with 100% wool, so its very soft and nice..The pattern is called Basket Weave, and I did it 8x8 so- pattern is 8 knit, 8 purl and repeat multiples of 8 and when you turn, every time you see knit, you knit, when you see purl you purl!

This last one I made it with a 19mm crochet hook so it has holes all around. I love the uneveness of it! ^^ I combined single crochet and double crochet!! 

I wore this one yesterday although Miami's weather is still not cold as it will normally be this time of year- :( 

Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Knitting & Crochet Projects so far.. ♡ pt 1

Since I made my first scarf, I can't stop! :)

I've been learning and making new things.. (also teaching.. to my friends ;)) I'm a great teacher btw!!!!! haha 

Here is my process so far..

This was my first scarf ever! I will always be so proud of this one ! 

The Knit Stitch is the basic Knitting stitch - the easiest one too! If you want to learn, start with this stitch and practice a lot! It's really hard at first. 

In Spain they call it " El punto Bobo" translation: "The dumb stitch"! I find this very funny. 

Here is my favorite tutorial (its in spanish, but don't freak out, by only watching you will get it)

I wrote a post about pencils, and found a a couple of pencil scarves and I needed to make one! 

This one was made without pattern! I started doing it by myself after a friend's aunt taught me to make crochet triangles. yay! I used the Single Crochet Stitch all the way, changed colors as I needed. I got carried away and closed it because I wanted to wear it.. and I think It would had been better if I've done it longer!!!! but oh well, I love this one, is very fun! I'm also thinking of making colored pencil ones! ^^

My favorite Single Crochet tutorial if you want to try this one out!

This one is by far my best scarf ever! :) It is a surprise for December.. so I won't say it now... so Its not mine :( I am doing another one for me tho'! It is the softest yarn ever and I made some fringes on each side.

I made this Rib stitch by Knit 2 and Purl 2 all the way. 

You can see a tutorial here

That's it for now! This post took too much time than I thought and I am going out with my friends!

Have a great Saturday night! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #38 ♡

Crochet and Knitting XXL ♡ 


I need those needles! Christmas present perhaps!? ;) 

Knitting Narwals ♡ 

Sebastian Murra (mu!) New Vector Illustrations!



Soon there will be Cases via Case Mate from his illustrations!! yay

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swap O Rama 3.0 ♡

Today, my friend Bea and I went to Ft Lauderdale for the Swap O Rama event!! It was pretty cool!!!

The Event took place at The Bubble, which is an Art Gallery.

You donate a bag of unwanted clothes and pay $5 to get in... :)

Every donation - clothes, accessories, shoes, yarn, all was organized in color and when you got in you could browse around and see stuff you might want- FOR FREE

There was Tie Dye booth, screen printing booth, sewing machines and sergers for you to take it to the next level!

We sat and crochet/knit for a while and took many many balls of yarn!!! yaay!

It was lots of fun!! I will def go there next year (they do it twice a year!!)