Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Movie Collection

I started my movie collection almost 5 years ago.

I have a total of 56 movies!

All my movies are bought  at cheap prices.. walmart- movie stop- blockbuster- no movie has ever passed $10 bucks and the min is $2 bucks!

so.. here they are:

1. August Rush 2. Funny People 3. Confessions of a Drama Queen 4. Riding in cars with boys 5. The Wedding Singer

6. Grease Special Edition with jacket movie cover! ^^

7. The Truth about Cats & Dogs 8. Accepted 9. Elizabeth Town 10. The Sweetest Thing 11. A lot like Love

12. Reality Bites 13. Factory Girl 14. Girl, Interrupted 15. 13 Going on 30 16. Knocked Up

17. Across the Universe 18. Bridget Jones Diary 1 19. Superbad 20. Wolf Creek 21. Hard Candy

22. Sex and the City 1 23. Snatch 24. Requiem for a Dream 25. 30 Days of Night 26. Seven

27. Road Trip/Euro Trip 28. Clueless 29. Scary Movie 4 30. Disturbia 31. 10 Things I hate About you

32. Dazed and Confused 33. Pretty in Pink 34. American Beauty/Virgin Suicides 35. Footloose 36. Dawn of the Dead

37. Children of Men 38. Death Proof 39. Fight Club 40.Airplane 41. The Doors

42. Unfaithful 43. The Cat in the Hat 44. Spun 45. 50 first Dates 46. The Sisterhood Traveling pants

47. Down with Love 48. Not Another Teenage Movie 49. Marie Antoinette 50. No Vacancy 51. South Park the Movie 

52. Almost Famous 53. Flashdance 54. Mannequin 1&2 55. House of 1000 Corpses 56. Halloween 1

 All the movies piled up almost come up to my waist! yikes! :)


  1. yeah, we have 95% of the same movies

  2. I love love all the movies you have, and I have a bunch of ones you own as well! :) I'm the same way, I only really buy movies them when they're cheap!

  3. hahaha yay!

    I am still missing some tho'!..

    500 days of summer, empire records- many more haha those were the two on my mind right now! ;)

  4. I love almost all the movies here, I actually own some of them and love others <3

  5. Can I just say... you are like my movie soulmate lol! I've seen most of the movies you have. I don't have a large collection of movies myself, just HBO lol :D

  6. I love your collection, and I have been collecting movies for nearly 9 years now. I have over a thousand myself and have bought most of them on sale or through the same venues that you mentioned. Though there is one shop you should tried checking out, Big Lots. Sometimes you can find some real gems there.