Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #15 ♡

Iotacons by Andy Rash ♡

Pretty rad pixel drawings - made me wanna do some cross stitch or melty bead projects!! check them out- here are some i loved..

The Flintstones
Scooby Doo
The Breakfast Club

The Beatles

Dog Tags ♡

I made mine on Friday at the mall for $5.. I think I want another one. haha

 It says.. 

Lee Lee Jara


Picnics ♡

This Creative Process ♡
totally ME. I know many of you can relate! haha

This Jacket ♡

This Snow White 

I want to be that snow white! someone wants to take me one as cool as this? ;) 

*While you are reading this, I will be in NYC having a blast... THE KILLS concert is tonight! woot woot! 

Have an awesome weekend!!


  1. Babyyy cuando nos veamos puedo tomarte fotos así! O como quieras :) --- Y si, the Creative Process... totally relate! LOVE YOU!

  2. Have a "Kill"er time at the concert!

  3. I love the Beatles drawing and am soooooo jealous of the concert!!! HAVE A BLAST!