Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TV theme song from childhood!!

I just saw Love, Elycia's post on her blog and I wanted to share my favorite t.v shows theme songs!

Well these right here every time I watch them, they bring me back so much memories from my childhood!!! so awesome!

Saved by the Bell

The Simpsons


Jem and the Holograms


  1. another memory lane, except the jem lol I dont know why I never saw, long time ago I had very bright leg warmers and clothes (very 80's) and this guy told me I looked like a jem and I was like wtf is that?? so he explained it and i looked it up on the net, so i was laughing when I saw the video :p

  2. hahaha aww Jem was really cool, I wish i could watch them again! you should at least watch 1 episode! :)

  3. you took me back w/jem & the holograms, that was so many moons ago & what to say about Baywatch . . . coolest show ever - of course that's what i thought when I was 15 ;-P