Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feature Designer: Sebastian Murra

Today, I'm introducing a talented Artist- Sebastian Murra. He is one of my best friends and I want my blog friends to see his work! :) He is from the same place i'm from- Cartagena, Colombia. He studied Graphic Design in Colombia and did a Masters Degree on Motion Graphics in Barcelona, Spain- currently working in the field at TMT Factory in Barcelona. 
From videos to art pieces - showed around Barcelona Airport, Galleries, and even, blogs and magazines had him featured! I'm really proud of him, what he does and what he is doing in his career. 

His Reel

mu! Reel from mu! on Vimeo.

His Art using Adobe Illustrator

My favorite Project he's done with his co-workers at TMT Factory

If you want to see more check his website 


Lee Lee


  1. Thanks for sharing his work! I really enjoyed checking out the videos.