Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #7

1. Pusheen the Cat 
I saw this cute little cat over at Kaelah Bee's blog post yesterday. I found it soo friking cute, that I had to open the website! I had so much fun reading it!! extremely awesome! :] This one here is my favorite of them all! made me laugh so much! How I love cats ♡!!!

2. Take me Home Tonight 
On Wednesday, I was opening my Netflix movie and on the envelope, there it was.. the ad of the Take me Home Tonight Movie... I didn't know about it so I googled it! How I love Anna Faris, Tonight I will go to the theater and watch this! Plus I  the 80's! Can't wait!

3. This Shop @ Etsy 
I've been an Etsy-holic lately! haha I bought a couple of stamps, shoes and fabric! I saw this shop today  over at my favorite etsy shops- I have many that sometimes I forget! I want all her cute stuff!!!!!!! :] 

4. Lykke Li's Voice 
Her voice is so sweet! I love it! Her music is amazing- This week I've been listening to all Youth Novels Cd and me loves it! my favorite songs from her are:

I'm Good, I'm Gone

A Little Bit

Dance Dance Dance
I love how she pronounces "Dance" so sweet :]

5. Men dancing like Women ; The Shakiro and The Men Gaga! 

Happy Friday everyone! 

I'm so glad this week is over, I have so much things going on, this week flew by! 

I'm planning lots of new things for this weekend- (going to make pins, stickers and new business cards :] ) 

Plus I want to add new items on my store so I gotta start making them! 

I need more hours in the day! And usually weekends fly by! I don't even feel the "break" :/

Yesterday I found out that both of the boxes I shipped arrived! My first big project completed and I'm so happy about the results! I will be sharing pictures they are sending me! yaay!




  1. Loved the cat strip <3 and now that i saw the trailer I know about the movie lol the name was not in my photographic memory anyway I do wanna see that, but this weekend its movies at home!!

  2. cool! movies at home! is Netflix available there? or are you renting? I love Sundays for movies at home! :D

  3. Pusheen the Cat is too cute! :-)
    now i HAVE to see Take me Home Tonight! lol

  4. yesss !
    Catlyn, you gotta see that movie this weekend! hahahaah :D

    I <3 Pusheen! I need a cat of my own! :(

  5. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! thanks for sharing that cat strip.. i'm still laughing...

  6. hahaahhahaa i know! Kaleena, you should click on the link and see their site! its sooo funny! :D