Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday on Tuesday♡

It's Tuesday, and this was supposed to be Monday's Post.. 

I'm very busy - working and then going home sewing! omg. I have a craft fair on Sunday.. very exciting one! there has been press release and everything- included my checker bag photo.. really cool stuff

check here and here.


Over the Weekend...

I sew lots and lots of new bags... as you can see, in March I sold all my stock I had of bags (exciting but kinda scary) doing all this all by myself with a full time job! haha! I needed a beer afterwards.. 

Pockets and Labels for 27 new bags!

My favorite beer: Heinken at TGI Fridays.. and Patacon con Carne Desmechada at a Venezuelan Restaurant.. YUMMY 

On Saturday, Kaelah Bee posted her medium sponsors for March- loved how they all looked, I started following them all :) and here is mine: 

Me- Random pic, I love this outfit.. I bought it at H&M in NY 2 years ago.. it's so bright and cheerful. 

Hope your days are great! I can't wait for March to END - April will be awesome! I can feel it now!


  1. Congrats on selling all of your bags! :D
    Cant go wrong with a Heinken after all that sewing! hehe

  2. thank you catlyn! :) yes yes a really cold one! ;)