Thursday, March 31, 2011

Say hello to APRIL ♡

March was way too long for me.. somewhat never ending month! Thank god its over.. All I did was work work work and after work I worked some more! 

April comes with cool stuff and events I cannot miss! 

Downtown Open Market: Boca Raton April 3rd♡

This is a new event from the same people that bring us to Florida- Stitch Rock, Art Rock, Retro Indie Market etc.. I was chosen both days - April and May , but its too expensive for me right now to pay  right away ($150) so I decided only one and I will be there on April 3rd vending my accessories. 

Record Store Day ♡

I love going to Sweat Records in Downtown, Miami.. and this day : Record Store day April 16 I have to go!! free beer, free music and lots of goodies! :)

The Kills in NYC

April 28- May 1st - I'm going to NYC with 3 friends for a weekend! Its gonna be so much fun! fun fun fun! haha! The concert is Friday the 29th - i'm going to die of happiness.. :)

Indie Bazaar and Odd Duck♡

I applied to both, but wasn't chosen- too many vendors and difficult decisions !! I guess it is better this way, I get to go, shop, have fun and relax a couple of hrs.. I love doing craft shows, but they are very very tiring! April looks great - i'm very excited!

As far as sponsorship goes, I will lay back this couple of months.. however, if you want to, I will add you on my blog list (no charge) just as long as you add me on your list too! It's been 2 months for exposure of my blog in various of awesome blogs and my list has grown a lot since.. and I hope it keeps growing ;) so, if you want, email me : lily.juliao (at) and I will add your button on my list! :)

so.. APRIL.. Here I go!!!


Lee Lee


  1. It's almost April! Yay! I did like March though, because it's my birthday month:-) Minor details. Love your cute blog girl! xoxo

  2. Hey!! thanks!! *im gonna check yours now :)
    well yes,! everyone loves their bday month! :D