Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY: Plastic Bag Pouches

Last year I started investigating what else you can do with a plastic bag.. not just a trash bag for your room.. I wanted something crafty.. something cool to use! I saw a youtube video of "how to iron plastic bags" and that caught my attention!

*This was not the video, but I found this today and it explains everything!! I couldn't find the video I watched!

When you fuse a plastic bag, it gives you a thick material , very strong material.. you can make your cool plastic bags (forever21 bags, hottopic bags, what the hell even the target ones are very cool!) and make them into small pouches for anyday use. You need parchment paper.. to place on top of the plastic bag you want to iron.. and the tricky part of it all, is the iron temperature! If its too hot you may burn the bag and it shrinks.. I stayed a whole afternoon making samples and trying different techniques.. until I got it!

You lay the plastic bag straight and cut the "handles"

Then place the parchment paper or freezer paper on top and start ironing until you get the thick material.

There are tons of ideas you can make your new plastic material Like this

Plus! Here is a simple pouch tutorial that you can use when you are done fusing bags, you just need a zipper and a sewing machine!

Here are some examples of how they would look..

Here is the one I made last year:

Hope you get ideas from this and maybe make them yourself! It is a very fun way yo save your plastic bags and save the environment!


  1. love it!
    I made a plastic pouch from an old batman plastic bag once. it is so much fun :D

  2. yes!! I wanna see!! I made a couple of target, forever 21 bags and I have saved bags to make them but I haven't got a chance haha but yes! it is very fun to make! :D

  3. I am so going to have to try this!
    ( found your blog through signing up through pin-pals. )