Friday, March 4, 2011

Looking for..

Lately I've been searching over blogs to look for this.. Since my last post- Pay it forward - I loved going to the mail and shipping cute stuff to other bloggers, so I've decided to trade handmade items and or be pen-pals with other bloggers!

So far, I read Erin's post and she emailed me with her shipping address! so yeah! I've got a pen-pal! :] My first in years!

I'm also on this list for trading handmade items! If anyone is interested -
send me an email- lily.juliao (at) :]

There is also this post over at Artichoke Designs, that I'm participating! I can't wait for more people to join in!

This is it! I'm going back to work! break is over! hah!


  1. So fun I would love us to be pen pal :p

  2. Miss Lou! I would love that too! :) send me and email with your shipping address! :) xoxo

  3. Im a part of Trade handmade! And I love pen pals too......

  4. @Kamika! yes I saw you there! if you want we can do a swap! let me know :)