Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #10

1. Cats ♡

I wish I had my own place! I would live surrounded by cats! I love them, I think cats are amazing creatures plus they are beautiful! :) I also want to help cats -shelters, etc. I love my baby right now! she lives in my building.. outside.. I hate to see her outside but I can't take her home :( 

2. Music Hairstyles ♡

Bob Dylan: I Want You

Simon and Garfunkel Mrs.Robinson

The Beatles: Rocky Racoon

The Ramones: I Wanna Live

Nirvana: Smell Like Teen Spirit

MGMT: Kids

3. The Photojojo Book 

I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day and saw it physically by browsing on the craft book section! I didn't know they had a book! Its so awesome! I want it!!!! Great tutorials, ideas and photos! :)

4. The Oatmeal Comics ♡

This comic humor is genius! I crack up every time I read it! so awesome! check the website out!

5. Pretty Nails ♡

I've seen more and more posts of cool/pretty nails and mine are so so horrible! haha I'm trying to stop eating them .. its hard! :( I have to make a promise to stop it!

here are some pretty nails : links1/links2/links3

Happy Weekend!




  1. I love the Oatmeal comics! And those nails are so pretty and springy; I especially love the blue-green color.


  2. omg in your 1st pic the thing I notice was the lil prince book rather than the cute cat I just love that book so much<3, the music hairstyles are so fun!
    I have to check out that book you mentioned.
    Cat vs internet is hilarious and I adore pretty nails thou I cant maintain them :(

  3. Cats= love! : D
    That Photojojo book is really awesome, its one to own!

  4. I love the oatmeal comics! They're hilarious. I also saw Bob Dylan this past fall. He's still got it. =)

  5. Nooooo!
    Don't turn into a crazy cat lady!

  6. Haha, I love the painting of different music-hairstyles!!

  7. hahaaha! no no, i wont turn into a crazy cat lady! ;)

    yes! those hair drawings are amazing! :D

    and Ashley,wow,bob dylan live? awesome! ^^