Friday, March 25, 2011

In the Mail this Week!

This week I sent out 5 special packages including 2 giveaway winners from here and here.

Sent out 1 special package to @zaydabarros I wanted her to see my new pins and business cards!

And also to awesome blogger : @elousions - same thing, she was asking about moo's stuff and I was so happy to share my cute pins and cards that I sent her some.. check out this post by her  from the stuff I sent her! it made me happy!

And lastly, I sent out a bag to my Craft Swap partner- @teodoraa26 :)

I also received some packages!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so exciting! 

I got my pay it forward from Kim from Skates and Stiches- so so adorable! a apple needle holder and a ladybug scissor holder!!! 

My Craft Swap partner Lindsay got me this cute pillow to microwave/refrigerate the inside :)

And my friend @Aglaonike sent me from Colombia some awesome denim fabric and this bag and Pucca keychain from Panama! :) :) :)

All items arrived the same day you have no idea how happy i was!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE Snail Mail.. 


  1. I love getting mail too, you made it look so cute!

  2. Those packages look so nice! I really like your blog. Just randomly stumbled upon it today. Now following <3