Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Something I've always wanted to buy..

Today is Wednesday and I'm so tired!!!! Working full time is really hard when you got your own mind full of  ideas and stuff that you want to create- anyway.. this is the Converse Pants Shoes (I don't know how to call it !)

I saw it almost 2 years ago I think.. with my friend Kiki, we both were shocked! we needed it! I have no idea now if they sell it or not, but it has been on my "things I need" list this long!

The thing is.. I also need this first.. (which i guess is less expensive than these pants..) I never have the $70 dollars right there to buy it right away, I'm hoping one day mm.. maybe on my b-day!!! * light bulb moment* xD

Ok.. now you are thinking I'm a converse freak? I'm mainly a dork but yes.. I love converse so much! *blushes* :)