Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #9
I ordered Mini Stickers and Mini business cards on this site! so so awesome! really :)

Sugar Free Candy♡

I love chocolate, but lately I was eating too much and my body couldn't handle it anymore! :s.. I started lowering the amount, and discovered this sugar free candy to eat when I needed chocolate! Its really good and helps me get through my addiction to chocolate!

Artists Helping Japan♡

I bought the Gryphony Japan T-shirt, all the money was donated to the Red Cross they raised over $2,000 USD. 

more ways to help japan here and here

I Loved this post from The Dainty Squid ♡ I would love to try the "photo an hour" post someday soon! ^^


Ok, I discovered the Yudu screen printer in the blogger world!! I really would love to buy it, it looks so fun, plus everyone say its very easy to use! I need it! 

P.S.. I know its Saturday and I'm posting this but on Friday I was really tired and after work I just went to bed! Many bloggers were supporting Japan by not posting anything, so I didn't bother to finish this post.. :) Hope you have a great sunday! 


Lee Lee


  1. I just placed my first Moo order last night! I am so excited to get my cards !!! SQUEE !!!!!

  2. cuppy! you would love them!!! yay :)