Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello March ♡

So February was an amazing month for my business!!! I can't say it enough!!! I feel so accomplished! :) Too bad it went by so fast! I'm hoping this month will be amazing! I'm sponsoring a few more blogs this month - The Curious Pug, Love Elycia, Miss Indie, Honey Bee in the City and Windshield Diaries. I don't know if I got a little carried away sponsoring my favorite blogs, but oh well, what's done its done! haha ♡

I welcome my new followers!!! My list has been growing little by little, I love it! 

Last month I sponsored 2 giveaways, when I get the 2nd winner over at LDC designs I will then ship both and get new shipping rates for my bags! Both giveaways were successful! :) Thank you all that participated! ♡

This month I have 2 events one in Ft Lauderdale - The Kreepy Kraft Fair and another one in Midtown-Miami, the Launch Arte! I'm so excited - I've never been to any of those shows! :)

I am also really excited because I subscribed to Indie Biz 3.0 ! yaaaay I can't wait to learn a lot from the amazing teachers and classmates for a whole year! :)

So far this month will be awesome.. I'm gonna dedicate my all to my business and full time job! (SO HARD) but I can do it! - (with lots and lots of redbull hahaahha) 




  1. Hi LeeLee! I like your blog. I'm glad we're both sponsoring Love Elycia!

  2. Megan!! thank you!!! yes! I've been sponsoring Love Elycia since December!!! she's the cutest!

  3. Miss Lou! gracias!!!!! este mes ha sido muy muy largo! :/