Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uh Huh Her and Afrobeta concerts! ♡

Uh Huh Her ♡

The Stage at Culture Room, Ft Lauderdale

The opening band: Diamonds under fire

The concert was ok, they sang all her last cd -that I'm not that familiar with.. :( I got to listen to Not a love Song and Explode! YEAH! But I missed Common Reaction and Say So :(

Afrobeta ♡

Afrobeta was AWESOME as always! I love them! I go to every show here in Miami - mostly- :) They have such a good vibe and great sounds! 

Check them out! here are some songs


  1. Is that Alice from the L word? what kind of music is it??

  2. Lou! checked on google and she is Alice from the L word! Listen to their music, i posted some videos up! ;) Indie-Electropop hahaha