Sunday, May 8, 2011

I ♡ NYC DAY 2: Saturday April 30th pt 2

We had a very busy day on Saturday.. I had to divide this in 2 parts..

In the Afternoon we went to Chinatown/Soho/Little Italy/Greenwich Village/Times Square

We had an awesome pizza at this restaurant.. 

Pretty cool pizza names.. Snow white pizza.. hahah <3 


we found this couch on the street.. 

off course.. photo time!

I bought these 3D glasses at the Village..

Beatles Autographs at the Hard Rock on Times Square!!

On Saturday, we walked a lot too.. we ended up in Times Square (i couldn't resist anymore I almost went home) but we ended up at the Hard Rock cafe and had a couple of beers .. :)
We went home that day sooo friking tired to sleep and woke up the next day pretty damn late.. hahaa