Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #16 ♡

1. My very own Pinhole Camera ♡ 

I got this super awesome Pinhole Camera at the Moma Store in NYC!!! I am still figuring out how to assemble it.. (very tricky) - My first pinhole camera, i'm so excited!!!! I want to start using it right away!!! 

2. My First Heart-Shaped Rainbow Cake ♡ 

Yesterday on my b-day my friend Guillo (Chef from Le Cordon Bleu - YEAH) made me a rainbow cake!!!! we had planned this cake for a while (a month now) BEST B-DAY gift ever.. plus my other friend Maria Vir carved an awesome unicorn from fondant - the cake LOOKED SO AWESOME I couldn't stop looking at it!!! I had to wait 25 years to finally have the best rainbow cake EVER. wow. ♡ 

3. Bottle of Unicorn Tears ♡


4. The Month of May ♡
5. Love who YOU are ♡ 

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Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! 


  1. I think you cake is sooooooooooooooooooo adorable yum!! You gotta tell me how your bday was, and the pinhole cam thats so fun!! My diana has a pinhole feature too, I just have to get the lens off and it becomes the pinhole :p we sure gonna have fun with these cams.

  2. LOU!!!!! yes!! my cake was the best cake ever! 3 hrs making it last night it was awesome!!!!! <3 i envy your diana cam!!!! <3 so cool besotes chica guapa! <3

  3. I love the pinhole camera! I've been wanting to make one for over a year. Hopefully soon I'll have some time. :)