Sunday, May 8, 2011

I ♡ NYC DAY 2: Saturday April 30th pt 1

After all that walking and concert from Friday, on Saturday, our feet were sore and we couldn't barely walk... after all we are Floridians.. Floridians DON'T WALK.. (sux..) we are used to drive for anything and everything.. Miami is not a walking friendly place. 

I woke up early and went to the nearest Starbucks for my morning coffee and to the nearest Pret A Manger to have breakfast :) (Yes, I love Pret my plan was to eat there night and day) 

and waited for Kiki and Valentina to show up! 

We had the perfect view at Pret: The Empire State Building!! :)

 Pretty awesome Door : Crumbs Cupcakes

Remember Felicity?? I Loved that show.. Dean & Deluca where she worked! HAHA *nerd



Looking at Music EXPO 

The Guerrilla Girls

Typography Room- NY logo history

Piet Mondrian

Andy Warhol 

After the Moma, we saw this place outside yum yum yum a shawarma cart!   

And we went to Magnolia Bakery for some sweet cupcakes! 

we also saw Firefox- fox itself (so cuteee) He gave us chocolate cookie sandwich with ice cream!

Part 2 is coming (too much pics and stuff in 1 post )

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  1. bakeries in NY are to die for, by the way I have your same scarf in 2 different colors but I luv it in purple too!