Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm loving long hair and braids ♡

My first goal of the year  was to stop biting my nails- I did it! 

So, my next goal is to grow my hair out. It may sound incredibly easy.. but FOR ME its not :( I used to have looong hair in high school - but now every time I get bored of my look I cut it off.. (I have a pair of thinning shears.. so you can imagine- I get all crazy in my room haha)

so anyway, I've been catching up with Gossip Girl.. (Season 3... i'm so behind!!) and I LOVEEEEE Serena's hair ♡ - It's always messy I adore it! 

So, I want to grow my hair out so I can have my cool long braids! yay!

P.S: I have NO idea how to make the braids go from the top of your hair to the bottom like this one here (tighter tho').. anyone knows??


  1. Debe haber algun tutorial en YouTube... yo tambien quiero aprender :)

  2. very pretty, my hair is growing long again so I've been doing braids, not so sure mine always look as lovely as those, they are good inspiration!

    The one that is in black & blue hair is called a fishtail braid, here is how:
    hope that helps :)

  3. I recently cut off 10 inches of my hair and now I'm so sad because I can't wear a bun or braids any longer. It was such a mistake. =(

  4. I just cut mine last week. The weather is getting warm and all I do is pull it up so it's off my neck, so why not cut it cute? No regrets here!

  5. Hey Melissa! thanks for the link , but I wanted the braid that comes from the top- I dont know what's called :(

    hahaahahaha the weather here is extremely hot but no I'm not gonna cut it, I must stay strong!!

    :D thanks for the comments <3