Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Bday Party: Kim - Skates and Stitches ♡

First of all I'd like to say a big happy birthday to Lee Lee and thanks for posting me as party of her Blog Bday party. As my birthday is in May too I know how much May birthday's rock, so it's awesome to be a part of someone else's. 

Buying birthday presents for people can be hard, but if you're buying something for the crafty guy or gal in your life then I usually find something crafty/handmade is a good way to go, and what better place to shop for these delights than on Etsy. Because Etsy has so many different sellers and styles on it, you're sure to find something to suit every taste. So I thought I would pick out my five favourite Etsy shops at the moment to perhaps give you inspiration for any crafty people's birthdays that may be coming up.

I have to say, I am a sucker for cute little handmade toys. I love the way different people interpret different animals and characters and give them their own little personality. AsherJasper's soft toys are needle felted and they are so cute. All the toys are made to order, and she even sells felting starter kits if you feel like joining in and making your own. My favourite item has to be the Halloween Egg set, they are just so cute. 

If you love cushions with faces on them (and who doesn't) you will just love mymimi's stuff. While her shop stocks magnets, trays and tote bags, my favourite items are the cushions. From pieces of toast to floppy discs, everything has a cute little face on it, and would leave your sofa looking smashing. My favourite is the post-it notes cushions, because I'm a total stationary geek.

I love cross stitch, but it is true that some of the patterns can be a little dull, usually involving full size tigers or bunches of flower. And while those are all well and good, I prefer something a little different. Wee Little Stitches is amazing, because it features a lot of amazing pixel people style cross stitch patterns for popular characters from TV and movies. I have recently been drooling over the Doctor Who cross stitch, which features all 11 doctors and the Tardis. Nom.

If you love mug cozies, this is definitely the place to go, as there are ones in every colour you can imagine. You can choose from knitted or sewn ones, but anyone would look lovely wrapped around your coffee mug. I adore the cat print one, it's so cute.

SewMuch2Luv stocks some lovely pin cushions and card wallets, but mainly it's the apron that I lust after when I'm browsing this shop. If I didn't have a habit of making myself far too many aprons, I'm sure I would have bought a bucket-load of these by now. All the aprons give off an old American diner feel and look very cool and vintage, and that's why I love them. This retro print one is my favourite as the fabric is just too cute.

Narrowing down the shops I love to just five was very hard as there are so many amazing ones out there, but hopefully you now have lots of inspiration to help you out when it comes to birthday shopping for your loved ones. Good luck.

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