Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #17 ♡

1. The Cookie Monster ♡ 

2. Sunflowers ♡

3. Cool Bread Toasters ♡

4. Hello Kitty Sushi ♡

*Can you imagine eating this?! It's too cute I don't think I could eat it!!!!! LOL

5. Camera Drawings ♡


did you see my two introduction posts??

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Giveaways will be coming soon!! 

Today I will be at Culture Room, Ft Lauderdale in the Uh Huh Her concert!!! :)

HAPPY FRIDAYS to everyone! welcome new followers! ;)


  1. Hello Kitty sushi!! that's freakin' awesome!

  2. Everything about this post is freakin' awesome! That cookie monster mug is incredible, haha. And I'm even more excited for my sunflowers to grown now. AND that VW toaster? Genius!

  3. wonderful inspiration! The first thing, about cookie monster made me start craving some homemade chocolate chip cookies... mmm! If it wasn't midnight I'd go bake some right now. Your blog is so colorful and fun! Wanna trade buttons?!

  4. I totally own that threadless camera t-shirt. Love it!

  5. :D :D thank you girls!

    @briana - send me an email lets trade ;)