Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am still here :)

Dear Readers , 

I have been away these past few days, my blog has been running by itself since the first of May from my Blog Bday Party! Thank you all for participating, you can see the first 3 posts from 1.Kim 2. Zayda 3. Ashley and I have still 3 more to come!! It was better than what I have planned so stay tuned and visit my blog for more fun posts and tutorials from my b-day blog party!!!

This week is flying by! My b-day is this Thursday Cinco de Mayo- and I am not planning anything specific, I want my closest friends to come over to my place, have a little get together- I want to make some mustaches for them to wear and then go to South Beach (where the party is at here in Miami!!) and randomly walk and pick a place to get drunk and wasted, 'cuz ITS MY PARTY and I am still young and fabulous! HAHA :)


I participated last week on the Crafty Peep Swap over at Strumpet's Crumpets blog 

I got Megan - I have been too busy lately with life that I need to send her something soon! I got cute stuff from her.. It made my day! 

a cute unicorn fabric ring
a bag with a I love unicorns and rainbows embroidery!!
a letter and a pair of fabric earrings! 

so so cute! thank you Megan! awesome craft partner!

NYC post with pictures will be coming up soon! 


  1. That ring is the cutest! Remember to have a tequila and a corona on your bday!

  2. yes yes i will! and margaritas! :)

  3. I LOVE the embroidery! That is so cool. What is it with unicorns? Just.. so cool. You're party sounds like a lot of fun. haha I love it.

  4. <3 So happy to be your partner!