Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Indie Craft Bazaar: Brickell Bazaar

I had high hopes on this but too bad it sucked. I've been to lots of sucky events here in Miami, but this one passed it.. not only did I not sell, but the heat was unbearable, my booth was in front of the stage- literally - The bands SUCKED and the music was too loud to talk to the few people that came by.. :(

You can see how our booth was blocked with people ..

ok enough complaining.. 

Thank god I shared booth with Carolina Benoit (a sweetheart) :) so, I didn't pay full price! yay!!

I sold my first Panda Plushie ever made (the only sale yay) to a sweet girl :) she wrote on my fb page saying that she loved it so much <3 THANK YOU really that was the only positive thing I got from vending there from 1-7:30!!!!! 

I went home and just wanted to sleep. the heat really brings me down.

So, after all this being said, I love Amanda's craft shows, Its too bad this one sucked- I wouldn't do this one again.. and I am off the chart for future craft shows until we reach fall.. My last shows have been sooo bad I'm just over them. (Not giving up, I just want the weather to change at least.. :))

 Here are some photos I took from our booth (Carolina Benoit's Stuff!)


  1. awww im really sad about this! next time there is a craft show let me know! Were there other cool shops? I know it would be hard to tell having to sit at your booth the whole time..

    Miami sucks for creative stuff like that.. thats why i wanna move to portland. :-/

  2. Emily, yes, there were all cool, most of them I know from other craft shows. I will let you know next time- :) xo!

  3. Next one will be better! :D love you!!!