Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY : Notebook Paper Fabric


I made this easy and fun tutorial for Katie over at Punk Projects

*Muslin fabric
*Red and Blue thread
*Pencil and Eraser
*Sewing Machine

Step1: Take a piece of Muslin fabric (Mine was 11x16) Since Muslin fabric is thin take 2 pieces. Step2: Take your Pencil and Ruler and start measuring (look at the picture above, basically 2 inches on the top and on the side. 1/4" on the side counting after the 2" and for the lines they are 1/2" all the way.  Step3: Start sewing all the lines.. 

That's it! It should come up something like this...

I have been seeing items such as pillows, pouches with screen printed notebook paper images - I thought it was something cool to try and here is my tutorial!!! Hope you enjoy it! ^^ 

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