Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog Bday Party: Katie - Punk Projects ♡

Hi there, I'm Katie from Punk Projects. First things first:
Happy Birthday LeeLee!
For part of leelee's Bday Blog Party, I want to show you how to make some of these cute Mini PillowBoxes! They can be great for holding small birthday presents such as jewelry, gift cards, etc.

2. Cut out your template and trace it onto some fun patterned paper!

3. Fold the side flap over and add some glue.
4. fold your box in half, so the the edge is glued to the flap.

5. Taking one end, Fold in the to curved flaps.

6. Fill with goodies, like candy, little notes, small presents, etc. and then close up the other end by folding in the curved flaps!

Be sure to decorate the outside with cute stickers and embellishments!

xo, Katie

Amazing as always, Katie thank you so much!!! Let's begin crafting! 

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  1. This is great! I was actually looking into buying some pillow boxes to use as packing at craft fairs--now I can make my own :D