Tuesday, February 15, 2011


heart shaped donut :)

Well yesterday was a very special day for many, very lonely day for some.. and a hated day for the rest! For me, I love Valentine's day! I didn't get anything from anyoneee this valentine's day, but I got a very awesome surprise (someone wants 30 mini converse bags---omg! my first BIG ORDER)  PLUS I got to see my wonderful friends - dinner date with few friends, It was awesoome!

So anyway, I shipped 3 mini converse bags today so that he can decide if he wants 30 bags or not.. hope he does!! but that means... sewing like a sweatshop (by myself).. lol I would take the challenge! I have 12 mini bags finished, 5 missing straps and 11 missing straps and fronts.. so it means that I only get to sew 2 complete bags, its just perfect! the deadline is march 1st..

 My pins, flyer and bags being organized for shipment :)

Raccoon, Bunny and Panda 

i bought these tights so lovely @hottopic 

my @loveelycia 's headband "y tal" haha translation :"and such" 

with my friend Valentina.. :)

Hope you had an awesome valentine's day too!


  1. I love the iPhone feedback picture (bottom)...I'm guessing it's feedback? It's cool either way :)

  2. hahaha thanks! it was the mirror reflection!! :):)

  3. gah! i want a heart shaped donut!!