Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #5

1. This Feature of Paper Cakes  

This feature was posted on October from last year... and recently yesterday I saw it.. haha it made my day! This is my Checker bag, I combine solid cotton fabrics to create a new checker like fabric. It's a very comfortable bag, has an inside pocket. 

2.  Heart-Shaped Leaf 

This heart shaped leaf I found outside my apartment yesterday!! so cute!

3. Arcade Fire Grammy Award 

Blogs like Who is Arcade Fire and videos like the one above are pretty stupid/awesome, they make me laugh a lot! I admit it, I didn't watch the grammys.. just the whole reaction of haters about Arcade Fire winning was enough for my week, I spent a while laughing with the who is arcade fire video/blog.. here is my Arcade Fire fav song..

No Cars Go: Arcade Fire


5. Panda Shoes♡

I bought these cute little panda shoes by Em&Sprout they are sooo cute I wanted them for a long time finally they will be here this weekend! yay :) I will post some pictures when I get them obviously ! 

Don't forget my giveaway .. and tomorrow is my next show! so excited for that one!

I guess I will be running out of mini converse bags stock! ;) 

Happy Weekend!



  1. Love the heart shaped leaf! :)


  2. hehehe yay thanks! yes, i see hearts everywhere i go! ;) xoxo