Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift Store Finding Monday

On my lunch break I went to the Red White and Blue Thrift Store located near my job in Hialeah, Fl.. I found couple of cool stuff which I couldn't buy because the line was huge and my break was almost ending!! But def I will go back when I get a chance..

So my findings were:

I fell in love with this machine!! Only 30 dollars.. but does it work?!? I dont want to buy this if it doesn't!

Im heading over there tomorrow with more time and getting some cool stuff! :)

On the other hand, this morning my little cat- friend started loving me!!! I'm so happy! 

This morning I was late for work, she wouldn't let me go!!! so cuteeee! Im in love!

Here is a video from this afternoon..

Oh I hope you had an awesome weekend!!!




  1. That sewing machine is SO BEAUTIFUL! I bought an old sewing machine from a thrift store and they gave me two weeks to test it to make sure it worked and if it didn't I could get my money back.

  2. wow ! that's awesome!!!
    Im going back to ask if I can do something similar!!!! xoxo :D thank youuuu