Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Re-cap!

Over the weekend I...

Took care of my baby!!! 
For those that don't know, she's not mine, I found her in my building and since then I've been feeding her.. last week she let me pet her! and now, I love her so much!!! :)

work work work on my order!!! 36 Mini Converse Bags

I even had helpers come..

umm.. there's no break at the sweatshop!!!! lol

Pocket, labels and adjusters!

Until Sunday at 4pm.. THEY WERE READY!!
12-Red, 12 Blue and 12 Purple!

Labels, tags, Sponsored by my cool designer friend DJSoundwav

Had to separate them in 2 boxes !! :) 
They will be shipped tomorrow at 8am!

Something cool happened too.. I got my first Etsy sale! a Purple Converse Bag 
Here it is ready for shipment tomorrow too!!! :)

And that was my weekend, really busy working, but very worth it all now that I'm done! :)

xoxo ,



  1. Oh cute! She'll be living in your place in no time :0

    <3, New Follower
    Everyone loves a giveaway

  2. aww thank you girls!
    but no, i live with my mom and she hates cats! so i just have to wait until i get my own place! haha :) I still love feeding her and petting her! she is sooo adorable! xoxo!