Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #4

aaaah its tomorrow!!! lots of awesome vendors!! I will def have a blogpost on sunday about this! 

I love concerts!!!!! This band is really good, I want to listen to more songs so a concert is a great way to discover a band and get to love them!!! its going to be in Ft Lauderdale.. that means.. mini roadtrip! yaaay haha 

3. Kaelah's Blogpost for Feb Sponsors

Kaelah posted today her "meet the sponsors" section.. and I loved it! yaay im there, im sponsoring her this month! I've gotten lots of new readers/visitors from her! its great! :) welcome to my world people.. you won't regret following me! ;) 

4. Glee

oh man! thats really all I've been doing when I get home from work - until late night.. watch GLEE! love it, yesterday I finished all season 1, and started season 2! Britney's episode is sooo awesome! My fav character is SUE omg she always makes me laugh! 

5. Rachael from Glee Polka Dot Top

Really cool version of Telephone by Lady Gaga!

I need this top.
*sorry the picture didn't come that good..

Finally this week is OVER , Im SO ready for the weekend!!!!! :D




  1. so um.. you probably have the cutest header ever.

    cheers to a good weekend!