Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February ♡

Finally is here!! February the shortest month of the calendar but the sweetest of them all!♡

Im starting the month sponsoring Love Elycia, LDC Designs and Little Cheif Honey Bee! yaay! you can see my button on the right side ;) I will be doing a giveaway with LDC Designs by mid feb! can't miss that!!! Its gonna be my first giveaway ever!

On Feb 12, there is the Retro Indie Market Its gonna be awesome! Im going over there to SHOP! :) Lots of cool vendors yaay! That same day, I will be going to a concert! Broken Social Scene! Its gonna be a cool adventure!

Valentine's Day is soon here !!! ♡

On Feb 19 I will be vending at the Bubble for the Summer of Love event in Ft Lauderdale.

I think this month will be over really fast!!! so many cool weekends ahead!



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