Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Project

I love !! I've been thinking about few projects to post -like when I do the "things i love fridays" I post things I love that I see during the week - a video, an etsy item, x random thing I love.. I was thinking maybe post things i love that I see during my daily life-routine, or maybe pick a favorite day and post hourly photos of cool things i'm doing- in another words more in touch with reality. 

This concept its not new, I love the 52 weeks of Instax by  Kaylah but the thing is that I don't own an Instax camera!! i really really wish! someday i will!!) So for that I'm going to create fun random posts by

I love taking pictures, and its even more fun with the App! 

My username is LeeLee04 if you want to add me :)

So if I have time, I start today! 


  1. Fun!! I've played with the Instagram app a little bit and really liked it. I usually use Hipstamatic and I'm totally hooked. I take my of my pictures with my phone now because they are so fun! I think the only thing I use my regular camera for now is my 365 project and finished projects. :)

  2. hahaha yeaah! In my itouch I've got lots of camera apps you have no idea! hahaha lovee them all! But Im really hooked with this I want to see your 365 project!! :)