Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Chief Honeybee Meet Sponsor

This was the "Meet the Sponsors" Section of Kaelah's Blog
Pretty cool sponsors there.. here's my section:

Hey there! Im LeeLee, a Colombian Fashion Designer living in Miami,FL. I created Just Because brand a year ago, it is mainly handbags, messenger bags and goal is to incorporate skirts, tops (casual wear). My blog is about things I love, my life and things I get inspired by- mainly music :) Im new to blogging and I absolutely love it! If I had a super power it would be teletransportation and my super hero name would be Mad-Lee .. hahaha ..get to know me more here: Blog-Shop-Twitter



  1. holy molely! I didn't know you were out of miami fl! I am too!

  2. @Emily! yeaah! I actually saw your blog because you're Angel Acevedo's friend... you posted Andytoonz work on your blog, and he posted that blogpost on fb.. and I checked your blog! hahaha :D btw, we are both Taurus too! yaaay! :) nice to meet you girl!